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Wherever you are, I hope its good! I am really excited for this blog, because it’s showcasing some software that I hold close to my heart. If this software wasn’t available, I probably wouldn’t have some of the skill-sets that I possess today. So, I can vouch for the software that I am about to present to you!

We all know that Adobe can be pricey at times, and though they have made their flurry of applications more accessible to the common user with the Creative Cloud, it still cost money. I don’t believe in the ‘torrent’ option of getting my hands on software. So, I’ve been on the prow for years to find alternatives to Adobe’s software suite and here’s my list!

Gravit Designer (FREE)

Alternative to: Adobe Illustrator

This is first on my list. Gravit.io has been my primary software of choice for vector art. This vector based graphic editing tool is a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Gravit is available to download as a desktop app, but can also be used fully on their web-based application. With the creation of a free account you gain access to their Gravit Cloud, which is an unlimited storage size, cloud-based storage where you can save your designs on the go.


Alternative to: Adobe Photoshop

So Krita is free and open source, and is a fantastic alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has many of the same features like, creating, importing, and exporting brushes. It has the ability to create patterns and draw symmetrical. It supports tablet interfaces, and supports drawing from a tablet to the computer. Krita is great for texture artist, illustrators, and visual effects artist.  Krita excels in creating 2D and 3D art creation.

Filmora (FREEMIUM)

Alternative to: Adobe Premiere

I personally just started using Filmora and though it is free to download and start editing video, if you want to export your edits without the Filmora watermark, you must purchase it. The purchase price is extremely reasonable, at $39.99/year or $60 one time purchase. Filmora is created by Wondershare and is a solid alternative to Adobe Premiere. It features a suite of tools to edit videos. One great feature it comes with is the effects store. This store has hundreds of effect option you can purchase and download to include in your video edits. I’m really enjoying this software as I get more into video editing.

Fusion 9 (FREEMIUM)

Alternative to: Adobe After Effects

There isn’t much out there to compete with Adobe After Effects, but Fusion 9 is worth the mention. Fusion 9 is the free version of Fusion 9 Studio ($299), but includes almost everything but the networking rendering, studio player, stereoscopic 3D toolset, and a few other minor features. If you are looking to get into visual effects, definitely look into Fusion 9.

Unsplash (FREE)

Alternative to: Adobe Stock

Unsplash is awesome and should be considered to a Adobe Stock alternative! I know there are a ton of options for stock photography. I’ve used many of them, but Unsplash is by far the best I have experienced. Extremely simple to use, no strings attached, copyright free images. The site encourages you to thank the authors for their photos if you download them. I personally, like the fact that its a site that you can spend time in, create collections of photos, and really find stock photos that you want. It feels more like a community, rather than a pit stop for junk images.

I hope this list is beneficial to you and helps you dial down on some affordable software to help you get started, because without them, I would not have developed the skills I have today. I can 100% stand by these products, and say that they are able to create professional results. As I provide those results to clients on a day to day basis.

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